The Rotax Experience

Fun, Affordable Racing To Last A Lifetime!

The Rotax experience is all about the sport of racing. Rotax-BRP has created a program, the Rotax Max Challenge which is designed to equalize the competition with a single sealed engine. There are 2 engine packages that can be easily changed to cover 7 different classes and ages from 7 to 50+.

Rotax-BRP has also structured in a six month warranty on any Rotax kart product that is sold. They hold strong also with the least amount of maintenance required and have the longest life span of any racing kart engine on the market. You can say that this engine package is very reliable and can keep you on the track and not in the shop.

It is also the largest karting program in the world and it consistently is growing stronger. The Rotax Max Challenge is organized in over 67 different countries and is growing strong here in the United States. The Florida Winter Tour is the largest Rotax Max Challenge recorded and is owned and promoted by Bill Wright here in the United States. The United States has 2 other international type events where drivers from all over the world are participating.

The Rotax experience is backed by organized service centers, dealers and race teams. These businesses are able to build, repair and service your racing engines. They support the Rotax program and the customers that want to race. Teams are organized around these businesses and build the competitive element that revolves within racing. Here the competitor has the choice of which team to choose and to build an on-going racing relationship.

Family also plays a huge role in the Rotax experience. Most drivers are accommodated by a family member and sometimes the entire family tree. For most drivers, the family time and experience is the greatest quality of racing.

What is Rotax Karting?