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Rotax Technical Bulletin

New Rules / Clarifications / Policies

March 1st, 2012

Rule Changes

2012 New Rules - Clarifications - Policies

Rule Changes – From 2012 Max Challenge Technical Regulations – Required at 2012 RMCUSGN

Battery – Yuasa YTB-BS, Rotax R7 – 12B, Rotax R7- 12L (Lithium)

Coils - As of January 1, 2012, coils with extension wire part #265 571 (pig tail coils) will not be accepted. Race officials may replace a competitor’s coil with another unit. (10.1)

DD2 – Squish change to minimum 1.10 mm - maximum 1.50 mm.

Exhaust matting – Steel matting kit # 297 893 is required for Micro Max, allowed in all classes. Two clamps must be used.

Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensor – must be mounted 50 mm from “ball joint” (20.11)

Fuel filter- Only two versions of Rotax inline fuel filter may be used

Intake silencer – Only intake tubes and rubber “boot connector” marked Rotax are allowed. Parts marked APRILIA are no longer legal to be used. (14.1)

Radiators - Older versions 1&2 (32mm thick) are allowed, also newer version 3 (34mm thick) is allowed. Tape may be used on all three versions. Tape must be wrapped 360 degrees and overlap; tape may not be removed while on racing surface.

Clarifications –

Chain Guards - Minimum requirements are single plastic strap (2 ½ in. wide). Minimum coverage is from, axle centerline at rear of axle sprocket, continuing forward above axle sprocket to clutch. -It is encouraged to use full coverage clutch / chain guard coverage such as OTK, KG, Tillet or similar chain/clutch guards. One of several aluminum clutch guards on the market is also encouraged. -Event Technical Director has final approval of chain/clutch guard system; event Technical Director Decision is final.

Mini Max - Minimum rear track width – 42 inches. All previously published Mini Max rear protection and side body work rules will apply.

Cameras - Cameras will only be allowed with prior permission of event Promoter/Race director.

Mounting Procedures – Only after use of cameras has been allowed, mounting procedures must be followed.

-Only one (1) camera per kart is permitted; all camera mounting shall be subject to Inspection and shall be subject to removal by technical personnel at any time during event.

go-pro-cam-mounting-“Go-Pro” type cameras, only approved mounting location is on front number panel directly below numbers, and be fixed in a horizontal forward facing position. (see photo at right)

-“Smarty Cam Mounting” May be mounted on welded main frame rail seat strut only.

-Only mounting hardware supplied with “Smarty Cam” are permitted. Camera must be facing forward. Images of these mounting kits are available at http://www.smartycam.com/on-board-camera/installation-kart-no-radiator.htm

-All cameras must have a tether retention system! Cameras may never be mounted on driver’s helmet or driver’s person. Violation may result in position penalty and or fines.

-We encourage competitors name and contact information be on camera.

Clarification – Wet Conditions

Air Box (intake silencer)

-Intake silencer must be run in upright position as supplied from Rotax.

-Water protection may not be attached or supported by engine components or side body work.

-Water protection may only be attached to unaltered side bars or chassis frame tubes.


-Brake rotor shields may be attached to seat struts in front of brake rotor under declared wet condition.

-CIK rear protection (2.5.3) and side body work ( rules apply unless specified otherwise.

Clarification - Number Panels

Racing Numbers

-Class number will be 3 digits according to published series requirements for each class:

• Junior Max 2 - 99

• Senior Max 100 - 199

• DD2 200 - 299

• DD2 Master 300 - 399

• Micro Max 400 - 499

• Mini Max 500 - 599

• Rotax Masters 600 – 699

-We recommend Solid black numbers minimum 15 cm high with a 2 cm thick stroke with a yellow background (CIK 2.24).

-Engine eligibility country of origin list will be made available on Go Rotax web site for dealer only access.


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