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United States Rotax MAX Challenge Rotax Mini MAX Squish Change

United States Rotax Max Challenge

Technical Bulletin 2014–10

IMPLEMENTATION: January 1st, 2015

Modified  Regulations:

-Technical Regulations 2014 – Appendix for 125 Mini and Micro MAX – United States – Florida Winter Tour and Challenge of the Americas

Current regulation says:

9.10.1 ) Squish gap:
a) 125 Mini MAX 2.80 minimum

This is changed for
9.10.1) Squish gap:
a) 125 Mini MAX 2.40 mm minimum

Implementation: December 22nd, 2014

As you may know, we at the MAXSpeed Group are always trying to listen to our customers and some have been unhappy with the current Rotax Mini MAX regulation in regards to the minimum squish gap. In trying to make this class as level playing field as possible, we have come to the conclusion with the help of our customers that the performance of the package has declined.

Our intentions are high and with current tests we know we will be able to provide all Rotax Mini MAX competitors and their supporting teams with a solid baseline coming with the new EVO products.  However, the first races of the season would suffer if we were to stay unchanged; therefore, after some careful and data-filled testing at the Homestead Karting facility this past weekend, we have come to the conclusion that the current 2.8mm squish setup is not suitable. MAXSpeed Group has decided to lower the minimum squish to 2.4mm, as this will increase the level of performance to a level we are happy with for winter racing at both the annual Rotax Challenge of the Americas (COTA) and Florida Winter Tour (FWT).   

The purpose of the attached United States Rotax MAX Challenge bulletin is to inform the karting community with as much notice as possible, that the official Mini MAX Squish will be reduced from 2.8mm to 2.4mm effective December 22, 2014.

MAXSpeed Group would also like to remind the Rotax karting community of the following:
4.1) Modifications:Neither the engine nor any of its ancillaries may be modified in any way.  “MODIFIED” is defined as any change in form, content or function that represents a condition of difference from that originally designed.

Any modifications to factory parts may result in disqualification, or exclusion of the event and or series.  This rule has not been changed but this is rather a reminder that any type of modifications will not be tolerated at any level of the Rotax MAX Challenge program.  It is the responsibility of the Authorized Rotax MAX Service Center and the driver to know and understand the Technical Regulations at all times and for each series.  Please read the appropriate rulebook to know and understand any rule changes.  The technical regulations for COTA and FWT are posted on their websites and are available for download and there have been several modifications from previous years. 

Thank you,

Josh Smith
MAXSpeed Group



Download a PDF version
of the United States Rotax
MAX Challenge Rotax Mini
MAX Squish Change
bulletin HERE.

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