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United States Rotax MAX Challenge Mini MAX Regulation for 2015


United States Rotax Max Challenge

Technical Bulletin 2014–09

IMPLEMENTATION: January 1st, 2015


  • 10 to 13 years old
  • The driver must be 10 years old at his /her first race. He/she must have their 14th Birthday after 12.31.15.

Chassis Requirements:

  • Minimum wheelbase: 1010 mm, maximum 1070 mm.
  • Maximum rear track width: 1360 mm.
  • Minimum weight with driver 290 lbs.


  • Mini Max (Dry) D1 Mojo: Front Slicks: 4.5 x 10.0 – 5, Rear Slicks: 6.0 x 11.0 – 5
  • Mini Max (Wet) W2 Mojo: Front: 4.5 x 10.0 – 5, Rear: 6.0 x 11.0 – 5


  • Front rim maximum width: 135 mm with 128 mm minimum rim width.
  • Rear rim maximum width: 185 mm with 175 mm minimum rim width.


  • Rear axle must be of one-piece design.
  • Axles must be constructed from a magnetic iron or steel based material.
  • Allowed Axles:
    • 50 mm external Diameter with minimum wall thickness 1.9 mm
    • 40 mm external Diameter with minimum wall thickness 2.9 mm
    • 30 mm external Diameter with minimum wall thickness 4.9 mm

Rear protection:

  • Minimum rear bumper width 1300 mm.
  • CIK-FIA Homologated plastic rear protection system must be used.
  • The rear protection system can be from a different manufacturer than the chassis.
  • The rear protection system must have an overall width not exceeding the rear width of the kart at any time, measured outside the rears wheels or tires, whichever is greater.
  • If the competitor uses a CIK-FIA homologated adjustable rear bumper, the minimum rear bumper width must be 1300 mm.


  • Front nose cone must be CIK homologated. (CIK stamped 2006 or newer) Outer edge of front tires may not be located inside of the front bumper.
  • In dry and wet conditions, side bodywork may not be located outside the plane drawn through the external part of the rear wheels.
  • CIK rule Quad lateral rule will not apply.


  • Front Drive Sprocket: 12 tooth front and 76 tooth rear or the use of 13 tooth front and 82 tooth rear. Both will be allowed.
  • (Upon Event Supplemental Regulations an event may specify the 12 tooth front driver and a specific range for the rear or a single rear gear other then the 76 tooth).


Download a PDF version
of the United States Rotax
MAX Challenge Mini MAX
Regulation for 2015
bulletin HERE.

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