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Mini Max "Rev-Limiter"

April 18, 2013

Mini MAX Rev LimiterEffective according to the supplemental regulations of each individual series

The Mini Max "Rev-Limiter" is not mandatory for use under the USRMC technical regulations for 2013. The device will be organized for use and mandated by each USRMC series individually.

The Maxspeed Group distributed the "Rev Limiter", during the premier winter series with great success. The news spread quickly and many of the USRMC series have been asking to mandate the device at their series. This devise has successfully terminated the so called "turbo effect" with little to no major modifications.

Unfortunately, the Maxspeed Group was unable to control the use of this device entirely, which has driven the Maxspeed Group not to attain the rights to this product. However, working closely with Maxspeed group, Ocala Gran Prix has been able to structuralize a plan to allow all official USRMC series to purchase the product from OGP. Each Official USRMC series will have the right to sell or rent the devices at their own discretion. Please contact your local/regional USRMC or OGP directly to place an order: check out their website for contact information www.ocalagranprix.com.

If a series wishes to mandate the Mini Max "Rev-Limiter" for its races, the series should make sure that all participants in the class have the device available to them to have them all installed.


The device is to be installed in between the wire harness and the ignition coil. It is highly recommended to mount the "Rev-Limiter" using Velcro, and attach it to the side of the ignition coil. Also zip ties can be used as a secondary precaution to hold the device in place. These devices will have to be installed prior to declarations and must be inspected by the scrutineers for serial number and proper mounting.


The device issued to that kart/driver, must be the same device used for that kart/driver.

Rev Limiter technical bulletinDownload a PDF version
of the Mini MAX Rev Limiter
bulletin HERE.

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