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2013 Technical Regulations Update: Carb Regulations

Effective April 2nd, 2013

FR125-Carb-Diagram-300Until Further Notice: Maxspeed Group announces to use the 2012 Carburetor Regulations.

9.2.6 Carburetor:

Due to unforeseen backorders and inventory issues, the Maxspeed Group has decided to postpone the new 2013 Carburetor Technical Regulations until further notice. The purpose of this bulletin is to properly allow all competitors to receive an equal opportunity to be able to order the parts and to be equally able to make the transition from the 2012 Carburetor Rules to the new 2013 Carburetor Rules.

The Maxspeed Group recommends all USRMC series to adopt the new 2013 Technical Rules and Regulations ASAP, but to continue to use the 2012 Carburetor Regulations until supply of the new parts is no longer an issue.

2012 Carburetor Technical Rules and Regulations:

  • -Junior Max, Senior Max, Masters Max, DD2 and DD2 Masters must use either Combination #1 or Combination #2: as stated in 2012 IRMC Technical Regulations.
  • -Mini Max must use Combination #1 only: Carburetor Insert 12.5 – Floats gr5.2 – Idle Jet 30 – Idle Jet Insert 30, K-98 needle only.
  • Micro Max must use Combination #2 only: Carburetor Insert 8.5 – Floats gr3.6 – Idle Jet 60 – Idle Jet Insert 60 – K-98 needle only. Only main jets marked: 115/118/120/122/125/128/130 is allowed and as supplied from BRP Micro Max Jet Package.
  • -Micro Max and Mini Max: Event organizers may specify single main jet or a choice of allowed main jets for events


Technical-Bulletin-2013-Crankcase-thm200Download a PDF version of this bulletin HERE.

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