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Mini Max "Rev-Limiter"

Tech Bulletin - Mini MAX Rev LimiterEffective according to the supplemental regulations of each individual series

The Mini Max "Rev-Limiter" is only to be used during the Rotax Challenge of the Americas and the Florida Winter Tour until further notice.

The "Rev-Limiter" will be organized for distribution from the Maxspeed Group on the morning of; January 9th for the COA and January 16th for the FWT. The "Rev-Limiter" will be sealed and recorded, and then it will be issued to the driver prior to declarations, as per the official event schedule. The device will be issued to each mini max at no cost until further notice. These devices are not for sale at this time.


The device is to be installed in between the wire harness and the ignition coil. It is highly recommended to mount the "Rev-Limiter" using Velcro, and attach it to the side of the ignition coil (Velcro will be supplied). Also zip ties can be used as a secondary precaution to hold the device in place. These devices will have to be installed prior to declarations and must be inspected by the scrutineers for serial number and proper mounting.


The device issued to that kart/driver, must be the same device used for that kart/driver.

Return Policy:

If the device is not returned a monetary penalty of $250.00 per day will be issued from the Maxspeed Group until the device is returned, and also further penalty from the series can be issued.




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