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Rotax Max Challenge Pan American Challenge Event Structure

rmc-logo-panam-thm200You may download the event structure as a PDF document.

1. Invitational Organizer:

  • The National Organizer of the ROTAX MAX CHALLENGE for the Pan-American Challenge is the MAXSpeed Group INC. Any changes or exemptions to RMC Sporting Regulations and RMC Technical Regulations in any regional RMC event must receive the written approval of MAXSpeed Group Inc.
Visit GoRotax.com for more information.

2. License:

  • The 2012 Pan-American Challenge is an invitational Rotax Max Challenge event. Participation requires the driver to present at Registration one of the following:

    A current International karting license issued by an ASN affiliated to the FIA along with any other requirements of their ASN.

    A current National karting license issued by an ASN affiliated to the FIA, (in the USA such license/memberships are issued by the WKA).

3. 2012 Pan-American Championship:

  • The Pan-American Championship for the Micro-Max, Mini-Max, Junior Max, Senior Max, Max Masters, DD2 and DD2 Masters classes will take place September 20th – 23rd, at The Track at Centennial in Englewood, Colorado. Results of the final race will determine the qualified drivers for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in the Junior Max, Senior Max, DD2 and DD2 masters classes.
  • Supplemental Event regulations will be posted prior to the event on GoRotax.com

4. Qualification for the Championship:

To qualify for the Pan Am Championship Event licensed Rotax Max racers must participate in a minimum of six official Rotax Max Challenge qualifying races.

  • Punches will be awarded accordingly: 

    Florida Winter Tour and Gatorz Challenge of the Americas: Each event weekend will count as one punch

    United States Grand Nationals: This event will also count as one punch

    Any official Rotax Max Challenge race day; USRMC or International, will count as a 
punch towards the 2012 Pan American Challenge Championship Event.

5. 2012 Pan-American Championship description: 

  • As an official Invitational Rotax Max Challenge, the Pan American RMC will provide an opportunity for Rotaxians from all over North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and indeed every country in the world, to compete against the best Rotax Max racers from the Americas at The Pan Am Championship Event. 

  • The Pan-American Championship will be broken down in: timed practice, qualifying, heats, second chance race if needed, a pre-final and a final. The number of heats will depend on the number of drivers registered. The pre-final results will determine the starting grid for the final. In Junior Max, Senior Max, DD2 and DD2 Masters, only the results of the Final will be taken in consideration for the invited drivers for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals.

6. Eligible Engines and Seals:

All Rotax Authorized Distributors and their service centers only are allowed to check and seal engines.

  • International and National Passports will be accepted during the event.

  • All engines must be in conformity with the 2012 RMC Technical Regulations and RMCUS Supplemental Technical Regulations at all times. 

  • *IMPORTANT – During any official element, including official practice days, only declared equipment may be used.

7. Technical Inspector appointed by the National Organizer: 

  • The Event Organizer will appoint a chief technical inspector. This technical inspector may, at any time during the event, conduct a technical inspection of Rotax engines and or declared equipment.

8. Appeal of Technical Disqualification:

Appeal process will be the sole responsibility of the MAXSpeed Group Inc.

  • If a competitor is found to be illegal the competitor may file an official technical protest. Basic appeal process will be as follows, if National Technical Director (NTD) is not present at event, information will be sent to NTD for FINAL resolution. If NTD is involved in inspection process, a three person appeal board will make the decision.

  • In this situation, most cases will be finalized at the track before official podium announcements. -If the appointed technical director needs to send a part to the NTD this can be done and the results for this class will be held unofficial, until official ruling is made by the National Technical Director. A second appeal is not available.

9. Parc Ferme:

  • Parc Ferme will be utilized during the 2012 Pan-AM Championship Event.
  • Parc Ferme, translated to English, means closed area. It is a servicing and storage area for your official event fuels and tires, with limited access only to approved or invited competitors. -Additional information will be posted in the Event Supplemental Regulations.

10. 2012 Pan-American Challenge Age Structure:

  • Micro Max      Age 8-10      235 lbs. minimum
    - Driver must have his/her 8th birthday during 2012.
    - He/She must have their 11th birthday after December 31, 2012.
  • Mini Max      Age 10-12      265 lbs. minimum
    - Driver must have his/her birthday 10th birthday during 2012.
  • Junior Max      Age 13-16      320 lbs. minimum
    - Driver must have his/her 13th birthday during 2012.
    - He/She, must have their 17th birthday after December 31, 2012.
  • Senior Max      Age 15 & up      364 lbs. minimum
    - Participant must have his/her 15th birthday during 2012.
  • Masters      Age 21 & up      405 lbs. minimum
    - Driver must have his/her 32nd birthday during 2012.
    - Drivers 21 years and older may participate if he/she weighs more than 190lbs with normal safety gear and without helmet. They must have their 21st birthday during 2012
  • DD-2      Age 15 & up      382 lbs. minimum
    - Participant must have his/her 15th birthday during 2012.
  • DD-2 Masters      Age 32 & up      397 lbs. minimum
    - DD-2 drivers reaching the age of 32 during 2012 may declare to be recognized as a DD-2 Master
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