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DD2 Idle Gear Exchange Program

Dear Service Center/Dealer,

In the end of January 2011 we have informed you about the introduction of the new gearbox for the 125 MAX DD2 engine.

Based on an actual warranty evaluation we have noticed a slightly increased failure rate on idle gears since this introduction. For this reason, BRP-Powertrain decided to improve the actual idle gears in the tooth base area. The improved gears have a slightly reduced inner diameter as shown on below drawing.

Engine serial numbers which have been build with standard idle gears:

8358584 – 8372899

In addition to those engine serial numbers, there are many retrofitted engines on the market where we do not know the exact engine serial numbers.


Exchange Campaign:

To support customers which have recently bought a new DD2 engine within the stated range of serial numbers or have recently updated their DD2 engine by means of the Gearbox Kit (Rotax Part no.281855) BRP-Powertrain will offer an exchange campaign.

Within the defined time frame from now until April, 30th 2012, all Service Centers has to inform the customers concerned and has to offer an exchange of idle gears free of charge for the customer. The costs for the exchanged material and the labour hours will be covered under warranty.

Material which will be covered under warranty for exchange:

1 x 635702 - idle gear 81 teeth

1 x 635712 - idle gear 77 teeth

1 x 630522 - crankcase gasket

1 x 630512 - clutch cover gasket

3 x 630480 - cylinder base gasket

1 x 297041 - engine seal


3 hours of labour per engine unit. (Demounting from Chassis is already included.)



The improved idle gears with reduced inner diameter are available as of now.

The part numbers retained unchanged:

81 teeth idle gear: 635702

77 teeth idle gear: 635712

All non-improved idle gears on stock have to be scrapped and will be exchanged under warranty


Warranty procedure

Engine serial number is mandatory!

Trouble Part: 635702

Part replaced: 
As mentioned above

To compensate the handling and the hours of labour, please add 3,0 labour hours per engine unit to the claim form.

Additional Information from Service Center/Dealer "EXCHANGE CAMPAIGN IDLE GEAR"



This exchange campaign is obligatory for all engines with critical idle gears. Because of this, we will not accept any warranty claims caused by a defective idle gear after the 30.April.2012.


Communication schedule

The service Center has to contact each customer concerned directly.


Thank you for your support,

Best regards, BRP-Powertrain

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