MAXSpeed Announces Three New Updated Parts for Rotax MAX Competition

MAXSpeed announces a new rear tire protection roller for DD2 chassis. The new roller is RED as opposed to the traditional ORANGE, has a closed outside and is made out of high quality injection moulding material.
Part numbers and availability:

Tire protection roller ORANGE 570050 is replaced by tire protection roller RED 570055. Parts are available as of now.


Tire protection roller 570055: Price remains at $15.44

Improved Impeller fixation for 125 MAX and 125 MAX DD2

Rotax has introduced a new, improved dowel for the water pump shaft impeller for all 125 MAX and 125 MAX DD2 engines.


The new dowel provides higher pre-tension in combination with an improved design compared to the previous dowel. The new design reduces the risk that the dowel gets loose during engine operation.


All new engines in production will contain the new dowel pin.
For spare parts the dowel is now available. Part no. 229200
We strongly recommend retrofitting water pump shaft assemblies on stock to prevent loose water pump impellers to prevent engine overheating.

Part numbers:

Water pump shaft assy. 220515 (125 MAX)
Water pump shaft assy. 620275 (125 MAX DD2)
Dowel 229200 (125 MAX and 125 MAX DD2)

Improved Screw Connection – Overload clutch 125 MAX DD2

Rotax competitors will want to know about the changeover to high-strength M5 lock nuts for the overload clutch screw connection on the 125 MAX DD2 engine.

The new lock nuts are higher and made out of high-strength material. This will prevent stripped nuts when the maximum allowed tightening torque is exceeded during assembly.

Part Numbers and availability:

Lock nut 842030 is replaced by high-strength lock nut 942025.
Parts are available as of now.

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