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MAXSpeed Group Named 2011 BRP-Powertrain
Worldwide Distributor of the Year

MAXSpeed Group, the United States Distributor for all Rotax MAX engines and products, is proud to announce that they have been selected as the #1 Rotax Distributor in the world for 2011.

In determining their selection, BRP-Powertrain, the worldwide manufacturer of Rotax MAX engines, used six key criteria in areas such as sales volume, productivity and professionalism to evaluate each distributor’s performance. To achieve their #1 status, MAXSpeed Group was able to excel in every area.

Richard Boisclair, MAXSpeed Partner, General Sales & Distribution Manager, was understandably excited with the announcement, "This is such a great reward for the whole team, they all worked so hard all year! I'm very proud of them. The plan was clear from day one, we needed to consolidate our distribution and make sure that everybody was aligned with the program."

In noting that this award is a team effort to be shared with every Rotax MAX Service Center around the U.S., he added, "I want to thank our service centers and distributors for their support. The future of Rotax MAX in the United States has never looked so bright, my business associates and I are very excited about this recognition."

This is a tremendous recognition made all the more impressive considering 2011 is the first year MAXSpeed has been in charge of the U.S. Rotax MAX program. There is no doubt that having a solid base to start from was very important. But, the energy and dedication brought forth by the MAXSpeed Group and its partners has proven crucial to accelerating the Rotax MAX program throughout the United States.

Understandably, BRP-Powertrain was very pleased with the results of the US market in 2011. As Maximilian Siegl of BRP-Powertrain (Rotax) states, "We are very pleased with the level of professionalism of the MAXSpeed Group. Their motivation and professionalism has enabled them to become Distributor of the Year in their first year of existence, already. We will continue to support the growth in the US as it is a key market for us. Having such a strong partner is strongly reassuring us to make great things happen, and we believe that this also goes vice versa."

While becoming the top-ranked Rotax MAX Distributor in the world was one of MAXSpeed's initial goals, it is just the beginning. According to Boisclair, "We have so many new things in the pipeline right now, this is just the beginning. Over the next few years Rotax MAX competition in the U.S. is set to grow in size, stature and recognition like never before."

For more information on MAXSpeed and the U.S. Rotax MAX Challenge, visit GoRotax.com and "Like" their Facebook page at facebook.com/GoRotax.

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