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Updated Information for 2015 Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour Rounds Three and Four

Orlando Kart Center rounds February 21-22 and February 27-March 1

February 14 - After a tremendous start to the 2015 Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour Powered by MAXSpeed Entertainment last month in Homestead, which saw upwards of 366 competitors, huge racing names and great racing action, the second event weekend for both the ROK Cup USA and Rotax MAX Challenge programs are just around the corner. MAXSpeed Entertainment would like to bring all their customers, teams and competitors up to speed on some new and important information.

“We have worked diligently to prepare for the second event weekends of the series and have had great help and support from the Orlando Kart Center as well as all of the MAXSpeed Entertainment staff,” expressed Garett Potter. “We have an updated rules package to clarify some grey areas and some changes that have been made after the Homestead round, as well as an updated weekly schedule. We are being proactive in getting the news to our customers and invite anyone to contact us with questions, comments or concerns.”

FWT News and Notes

  • An updated rules package for the ROK Cup USA and Rotax MAX Challenge programs have been uploaded to the Florida Winter Tour website. It is the teams and competitors responsibility to know and understand the rules as well as have their karts technically compliant throughout the event weekend. Please note that it is important that teams and competitors download the rules directly from the www.FloridaWinterTour.com website.

  • An updated weekly schedule for both weeks leading up to the 2015 Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour Powered by MAXSpeed Entertainment have been posted to the website. This schedule includes who is responsible for all events leading up to the official on track competition. A complete detail schedule will be available at the track.

  • Please note that the Orlando Kart Center has a new address for shipments being sent to the facility. Please send all packages to:

    Orlando Kart Center
    10724 Cosmonaut Blvd.
    Orlando, FL 32824

  • The Friday of both event weekends will once again be the evening for the MAXSpeed Entertainment social party. With music, free food and a great atmosphere, anyone and everyone are welcome to come a grab a bite to eat and relax before the wheel-to-wheel action begins. Thanks to Presenting Sponsors MG Tires, Chase Racing and Brash Racing for making this possible.

Potter added, “MAXSpeed Entertainment recently visited the Orlando Kart Center and has seen many improvements to the facility including a new registration area, state-of-the-art timing system, new live stream and announcing booth as well as a new on-site restaurant. Andre Martins and his team are doing an outstanding job and it is going to be a fun few weeks in Orlando.”

The Orlando Kart Center track offers FWT drivers a different racing experience than that of Homestead.  Featuring a fast, technical yet flowing layout, drivers will need to perfect their kart set-up and properly tune their engine to come out on top while in Orlando. More great racing action is certainly in store for the FWT while in Orlando!

Please remember that the Dan Wheldon Ambassador Award will be presented to a deserving recipient at the final round of the Florida Winter Tour in March. Nominations can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please find all details regarding the award HERE.

Last but definitely not least, MAXSpeed Entertainment and the Florida Winter Tour would like to thank all of their sponsors and supporters. A special thank you to Cold Stone, Chase Racing, Brash Racing, MG Tires, CRG USA, Rolison Performance Group, PSL USA, Dallas Karting Complex, J3 Competition, AM Engines, Crosslink Powder Coating, Koene USA, CKT Engines, Orsolon Racing, K1 RaceGear and Mazda Road to Indy.

For more information on the MAXSpeed Group and MAXSpeed Entertainment, promoted events including the US Open, United States Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Nationals, Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals, Team USA and the entire Rotax program, please visit GoRotax.com. Be sure to ‘Like’ GoRotax on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/GoRotax) and follow on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/GoRotax) and Instagram (www.Instagram.com/MAXSpeedGroup).

For more information on the Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour powered by MAXSpeed Entertainment, please visit www.FloridaWinterTour.com. Be sure to ‘Like’ Florida Winter Tour on Facebook (www.facebook.com/FloridaWinterTour) and follow on Twitter (www.twitter.com/FL_Winter_Tour) and Instagram (www.Instagram.com/FloridaWinterTour). 

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