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MAXSpeed Entertainment Opens Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour in a Positive Manner

366 drivers over two event weekends to kick off 2015 Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour Powered by MAXSpeed Entertainment

January 29 - With MAXSpeed Entertainment taking over the reigns of the Florida Winter Tour in July of 2014, the experienced staff would immediately spring into action to ensure success at their first set of events only five short months on the horizon. Fast-forward to today, the first two rounds of both the ROK Cup USA presented by MG Tires and Rotax MAX Challenge presented by Chase Racing & Brash Racing programs are now complete, with positive vibes for the series leaving the Homestead Karting facility.

“It was a great way to kick off the series,” explained MAXSpeed Entertainment’s Garett Potter. “We polled several of the industry members and teams that competed in the series in the past and listened to their positives and negatives of previous editions of the tour. Looking to turn those negatives into positives and create a healthy and competitive atmosphere for all, I feel we did just that and everyone at MAXSpeed is looking forward to the rest of the campaign.”

With a total of 366 competitors from countries all around the world in action, teams and drivers were greeted with a positive and energetic staff that were always willing to help. With no lines at registration, free access to the facility for each and every spectator, happy customers and a positive atmosphere, teams and competitors were seen roaming the paddock with smiles as they enjoyed the start of a new karting season in the sunshine state.

One uncertainty heading to the opening round of the 2015 Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour was the Rotax Mini MAX class. With chassis changes coming into effect on January 1 and engine changes a few weeks prior to the first green flag, the attendance was uncertain. When all was said and done, a field of more than twenty competitors took to the track for wheel-to-wheel competition and the racing action was some of the best of the weekend.

Potter continued, “We understood that the Mini MAX class would take a hit in the first year of competition under the new rules, but we are very happy with the attendance during the first round. The lap time progression from Micro to Mini to Junior was what we are looking for and we look forward to watching the class grow to its famous numbers in 2015.”

The Rotax DD2 MAX category was arguably the deepest field of competition for the two-speed class in US history and the racing proved that. With intense on-track battles from some of the biggest names in karting, the entry list looks strong for the remainder of the series as several of the factory drivers will return for the Orlando and Ocala rounds of competition.

The Friday evening welcome parties on both the ROK and Rotax weekends were a huge hit as teams, drivers, families and spectators took in the friendly atmosphere. The MAXSpeed staff served well over 500 people, and this small gesture went a long way for competitors who worked late into the evening. With a DJ, free food and perfect weather, the Friday evening welcome parties will continue for the remainder of the series thanks to MG Tires and Chase Racing & Brash Racing as MAXSpeed Entertainment looks to increase the number of people served with each and every weekend of competition.

In their dedication to the karting community, MAXSpeed Entertainment held true to their promise of free entry to the facility for mechanics, families and spectators. Signing up and watching more than 2,000 people enter the paddock free of charge, a lot of surprised faces for first time watchers, as they were not charged an admission fee to watch some of the best racers in the world of motorsports do battle on the track.

A big topic of discussion over both event weekends was the new hardware that would be given out by the series. Podium finishers of both the ROK and Rotax weekends were ecstatic and at a loss for words on the custom-built awards for the 2015 Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour Powered by MAXSpeed Entertainment that were designed and built by an Italian company.

KARTS put on a terrific live stream broadcast with numbers in viewership approaching close to 15,000 people from all around the world. With the voice of Tony LaPorta on the microphone and a fresh perspective on the series, MAXSpeed Entertainment expects that the viewership will continue to increase come the next event weekend.

MAXSpeed Entertainment would like to congratulate Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour ROK Cup USA winners Nicholas d’Orlando, Jonny Edgar, Mathias Ramirez (2), Fernando Barrichello (2), Richard Heistand (2), Eduardo Dieter (2), Kyle Kirkwood (2) and Patrik Hajek as well as the Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour Rotax MAX Challenge winners Jak Crawford, Cody Krucker, Leonardo Nienkotter (2), Sebastian Alvarez (2), Jordocun Lennox (2), Christophe Adams (2), Sting Ray Robb, Anthony Gangi Jr., Kyle Kirkwood and Austin Garrison.

MAXSpeed Entertainment would like to thank Homestead Karting, the Homestead-Miami Speedway, Tony Schroeder and his staff who worked tirelessly over the two weeks of competition and the weeks leading up to the first event of 2015. Working hard to get the facility ready, improvements were made to the grandstands and tuner platform with even more improvements on the horizon for the Homestead circuit for 2016.

Next up for MAXSpeed Entertainment and the Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour will be a trip north to Central Florida, as the series will descend on the Orlando Kart Center in Orlando, Florida in mid-February.

“Andre (Martins) and his staff have already started preparing for our arrival by personally talking to teams about parking before they even left Homestead,” concluded Potter. “This kind of dedication to the Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour can not be matched.”

The third and fourth rounds of the 2015 Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour Powered by MAXSpeed Entertainment will take to the Orlando Kart Center February 21-22, 2015 for the ROK Cup USA presented by MG Tires program, with the Rotax MAX Challenge presented by Chase Racing & Brash Racing on track the following weekend February 27-March 1, 2015.

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