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MAXSpeed Group Takes Over Formula Kart Productions and Florida Winter Tour

MAXSpeed Group’s team of employees and partners begin plans for 2015 season

Announced this evening at the annual MAXSpeed Group sales meeting at the 2014 Cold Stone US Grand Nationals, Richard Boisclair and his team of employees and partners are pleased to announce that they have purchased Formula Kart Productions and the Florida Winter Tour. MAXSpeed Group will take charge effective immediately and will begin preparations for the 2015 season with plans to continue both the Formula Kart and Rotax event weekends.

“Bill and I started to talk over a year ago and we both agreed that it was natural to do this,” explained Richard Boisclair. “I am so happy that we have accomplished this smooth transaction and we are very excited for the future growth of our young company.”

“Over the years I have received many offers to sell the FWT,” added Bill Wright. “I never found the right group or individual to keep the programs moving forward. I believe that the MAXSpeed owners and employees are the perfect group, with the right combination of passion and ability, to do that.”

Boisclair continued, “We want to continue the programs Bill has in place as we evolve and grow the sport. We believe that the back-to-back event weekends with separate series has been successful and we plan to continue those programs. We believe in growing karting as a whole.”

With the 2014 Cold Stone US Grand Nationals concluding on Sunday and Team USA being all but complete for the annual Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals, preparations for the Florida Winter Tour are already underway. Please stay tuned for announcements in the very near future.

For more information on the MAXSpeed Group and the Florida Winter Tour, please contact Christine Rodriguez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For more information on the MAXSpeed Group, promoted events including the Rotax Summer Shootout, Rotax Cold Stone US Grand Nationals, Rotax Pan American Championships, Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals, Team USA and the entire Rotax program, please visit GoRotax.com. Be sure to like GoRotax on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/GoRotax) and follow on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/GoRotax).

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