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One Month Remains in MAXSpeed’s Trade In Program for New Rotax Motors

Trade in any brand of motor and receive credit towards new Rotax Max engine package

Broadcasted only a month ago, MAXSpeed Group, in collaboration with BRP-Rotax, announced an unprecedented offer of the popular Rotax MAX engine program. Taking in motors from 80cc to 125cc, potential customers have the opportunity to receive credit towards a new Rotax engine package, while the trade in motors will be retired from the karting community.

"The Trade-In Program has been successful to date and we are excited where the Rotax program is heading in the United States as we are determined to continue to be the market leader," explained MAXSpeed's Richard Boisclair. "We will continue to work with BRP-Rotax and our United States dealers and offering credit towards new Rotax engines as the offer ends in just over one month. Customers are able to turn in complete 125cc, 100cc and/or 80cc engine packages and receive up to $750.00 of credit towards a Rotax powerplant."

Any customers that are looking to trade in 125cc engines including the IAME Parilla Leopard and X30, Vortex RoK TT, Motori Seven, Sonik TX and VX, PRD Fireball, Easykart and shifter packages will receive $750.00 off the purchase of a new junior, senior or DD2 Rotax engine. Any customers looking to trade in a Yamaha, KPP or other 100cc engine platform will receive $500.00 credit towards a new Rotax engine package while customers looking to trade in 80cc engines will receive $400.00 in credit.

"The growth of Rotax continues and it is currently the largest form of racing in the United States," added Josh Smith. "We work each and every day with a large target on our backs as many other brands try to duplicate our success. As we have for previous years, we will continue to evolve and stay one step ahead of our competitors."

The 'Trade In and Trade Up' program continues and will end Monday, March 31, 2014. Any potential Rotax customer looking to take advantage of this amazing opportunity is asked to contact their local Rotax MAX Service Center for details. A list of the Rotax MAX Service Centers in the United States can be found by visiting GoRotax.com/Dealers.

For more information on the MAXSpeed Group, promoted events including the Rotax Summer Shootout, United States Rotax Grand Nationals, Rotax PanAmerican Championships, Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals, Team USA and the entire Rotax program, please visit GoRotax.com. Be sure to like GoRotax on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/GoRotax) and follow on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/GoRotax).

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