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U.S. Rotax MAX Challenge

2011-RMCUS-logo-300The U.S. Rotax MAX Challenge is a nation-wide program of competitive racing events using Rotax engines and products.

The Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC) is a professional kart racing series established, owned and organized by BRP-Powertrain and its distributors. The RMC is a "one-make-engine" formula: only Rotax kart engines are allowed. There are seven different race classes:  125 Micro Max, 125 Mini Max, 125 Junior Max, 125 Senior Max, 125 Masters Max, 125 Max DD2 and 125 Max DD2 Masters.

The RMC is authorized and sanctioned by CIK/FIA, using Rotax kart engines which are checked and sealed (for equal performance). The sealing is done by authorized distributors or their authorized service centers.

By following the “Rotax Sporting and Technical Regulations" of the Rotax MAX Challenge and by using a mandatory type of tire (MOJO), the success in the competition is mainly up to the skills of the driver and his/her experience in the set up of the combination of the engine and the chassis.

Authorized distributors of Rotax kart products offer their customers a national RMC program according to the Rotax Sporting and Technical Regulations” defined by BRP-Powertrain.  This results in a fair competition between semi-professional kart racers that share the same interests.


United States Rotax Max Challenge Local and Regional Series

There are currently 27 official United States Rotax Max Challenge Series organized around the country.  These series follow the complete Rotax Max Challenge structure provided by BRP-Rotax.  Each series provides its region with a race facility and staffing to organize and run an event, where Rotax drivers can test their ability and race kart against others at a local/regional level.  Each Rotax competitor should be a United States Rotax Max Challenge Member.  To become a member use the following link: Membership Application

As a United States Rotax Member you will recieve monthly emails concerning upcoming events, new products and technical bulletins about the Rotax program.  Also while having a current Rotax Membership, for each USRMC race that you compete in you will recieve a "punch".  The "punch" system is used as a qualifying method to attend the United States Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals.  A minimum amount of "punches" are required to attend these races.  As a Rotax Memebr you will also be entered into our National Points system which is accumlated over the course of the year.  Your top six finishing results will be calculated and matched against all other drivers in the same class to see who is the Local/Regional National Points Champion. 

You can find more information about the 27 Official United States Rotax Max Challenge Series in the RMC Schedules drop down box or here: https://gorotax.com/max-challenge/us-rotax-max-challenge/rotax-max-challenge-schedules.html.


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