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whiteVline400Rotax MAX Challenge Rules and Regulations

The RMC is authorized and sanctioned by CIK/FIA, using Rotax kart engines which are checked and sealed (for equal performance).

By following the “Rotax Sporting and Technical Regulations" of the Rotax MAX Challenge and by using a mandatory type of tire (MOJO), the success in the competition is mainly up to the skills of the driver and his/her experience in the set up of the combination of the engine and the chassis.

Here you can find the most current 2012 Sporting and Technical Regulations from BRP-Rotax.  These are the rules that are the standard of the Rotax Max Challenge and are used in over 67 different countries.


2012 International
Sporting Regulations

2012 International
Technical Regulations


2012 International
Technical Regulations
(Mini/Micro MAX) 



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Certified USRMC Technical Inspectors

Rotax MAX Challenge US Certified Tech Inspectors

The certified technical inspector program is being developed by the MAXSpeed Group to assist the local and regional programs with educated and experienced officials.  The certification program is based on experience; which is acguired through working National events with class A certified inspectors.

Class A Certified Inspectors:

Joshua Smith - Non-Active

Don Moormeister - Idaho

Rick Miller - Katy, Texas

John Motley - Paso Robles, California

Kevin Hodge - South Carolina

Class B Certified Inspectors:

Dave Talbot - Michigan

Michael Wolfenburg - Ocala, Florida

Steve Graves - Denver, Colorado

Class C Certified Inspectors:

Adam Campbell - Phoenix, Arizona




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Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

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