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Rotax Max Challenge United States

2012 Series


What is a good RMC?

This is a question that arises often.  We are encouraging all RMC series to incorporate fair and equal treatment to all competitors.  The desire to race in a series is enhanced when the racing calls and technical inspection is completed in a fair and equal manner. 

A Rotax Max Challenge United States (RMCUS) series is an incentive to the customer when purchasing a Rotax engine package.  The customer is buying into the program of a spec engine with strict racing rules and regulations.  The RMC series should supply its customers with a safe and friendly environment.  It should be able to provide a knowledgeable staff who can oversee the rules and regulations in a pleasant manner.  All RMC series should welcome all Rotax members and Rotax dealers to participate in such events.  The race director and technical director should have no affiliation with any drivers participating in such events and should also use fair and proper judgment in their on track or technical decisions.  We encourage all officials to make fair, ethical decisions. The races should allow each driver a fair amount of track time and official rule lap count.  These requirements are what will build the strength of the program and should be followed accordingly.

2011 RMCUS Series and Schedules

2011 RMCUS National Points Standings


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