Question: How do I qualify to race in the 2011 Rotax Grand Finals in United Arab Emirates?

Answer (Josh Smith): We have the ability to qualify through 4 different race series. The Pan-American Challenge, The Florida Winter Tour, The Challenge of the Americas and The US Grand Nationals.

Pan-American Challenge
First priority: this means if you win the Pan-American Challenge you must use this ticket over all others
Florida Winter Tour
Second priority: takes precedence over COA and US Grand Nationals
Challenge of the Americas
Third priority: takes precedence over US Grand Nationals
US Grand Nationals
Last priority: but still the true US National Champion

It is required that drivers must have 4 punches from any RMCUS to qualify for the US Grand Nationals. A RMCUS is not a part of the FWT, COA, or the Pan-American Challenge. These races have their own awards and do not count for punches to the US Grand Nationals.

It is required that drivers must have 4 punches for the Pan-American Challenge to qualify for the final. Then at the final the winners take all.

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