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Welcome to! Your source for Rotax 2-Stroke self-start engines. The Rotax concept offers the karting enthusiast with a reliable world-wide engine platform program that offers level playing field competition and great performance. With a factory-direct motor warranty and official trained service centers throughout the country, Rotax engines provide more value than any engine package currently available in karting.

September 9th, Rotax Max Challenge Press Release



Dear Dealers and RMC Administrators,


The Pan American Challenge is coming up!  New Castle Motorsports Park will be hosting the event, September 22nd – 25th.  Bill Wright is the organizer and he is doing a great job re-vamping the Pan-American Challenge from the previous years.  His vision along with BRP-ROTAX is to create s race that is a mirror image of the Rotax Grand Finals. The schedule and supplemental rules will be similar to what you will experience at the Grand Finals.  This will allow any Pan-Am Qualified Rotax Driver to experience the physique of the Grand Finals and will also allow the any Grand Final Driver to get prepared for the World Final.


Team USA is having its first test session this weekend at Ocala Gran Prix.  The test session will allow any member of Team USA to test with a provided chassis similar to the one they will be given during the Grand Finals.


  • The Junior Class will use the Birel Chassis
  • The Senior Class will use the Sodi Chassis
  • The DD2 Class will use the CRG Chassis
  • The DD2 Masters Class will use the Hasse Chassis

This test session has been designed to elevate the team to understand the Parc-Ferme situations, limited chassis adjustments and limited engine and carb settings. 


The Staff at OGP has been working very hard all week preparing the chassis for the drivers to use over the course of the weekend.  The logistics for putting this event on is nothing less than a nightmare and the MAXSpeed Group gives much appreciation to Jorge Arenello and the OGP Staff.  This will be the second year of the Team USA test in Ocala, Sponsored by OGP.  It is a goal of the MAXSPeed Group and Jorge Arenello to have an American, as the World Champion.


Rotax Max Challenge Memberships


We currently have 635 members.  This number is increasing slowly but it is still on the rise.  It should be a goal of ours to try and find new drivers and new families and give them the tools and knowledge to enter the sport and to enjoy the sport for many years.  The only way we will build the local/Regional RMC’s and the only way to truly grow your business is to find NEW drivers. 

As of now we have a few Micro-Max Packages that can help bring in the new and young drivers.  If you have anyone interested in a new Micro-Max package, call the MAXSpeed Group (           269-756-7444) and they can fill you in on several campaigns.


It is a goal of the MAXSpeed Group to build the Rotax Program.  This means to increase the membership size, increase racing participation and increase Rotax Sales within the United States.  This is a joint business and we need our dealers and RMC’s to build with us.

Top Series are below:


  1. South Florida Rotax Max Challenge Super Series               87
  2. Michiana Raceway Park                                                                 67                            
  3. Rotax of the Rockies                                                                       57                                           
  4. Northwest Gold Cup                                                                      51                                                                 
  5. Northeast Rotax Max Challenge                                                46                   
  6. Red Line Oil Karting Championship                                           45                  
  7. North Florida Rotax Max Challenge                                          33                                                         
  8. UTAH Kart Championship                                                             30
  9. Gatorz                                                                                                  29                                                        
  10. Southwest Regional Cup                                                               29                    
  11. LAKC                                                                                                      29    


Where to Race Next!    


Sept 10th, 11th:  I-5 Corridor Series,


Sept 11th:  F1 Championship Karting Series,


Sept 11th:  Michiana Raceway Park,


Sept 11th:  Burger King Rotax Max Challenge,


Sept 11th: Rotax of the Rockies (under the lights),


Sept 11th:  Red Line Oil Karting Championship,


Sept 11th:  Jamaica Rotax Max Challenge, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Sept 17th:  Utah Kat Championship,


Pan American Championship

New Castle Motorsports Park September 22nd – 25th



Get your Registration Request in now by clicking HERE




A revised schedule for the 2011 Pan American Rotax Max Challenge Championship Event has been posted at the Pan Am web site. The new schedule has been adjusted to accommodate the entries expected.


An additional practice session has been added to Friday’s schedule. Fridays schedule will consist of three timed non-qualifying practice sessions, Official Timed Qualifying and the Welcome Dinner/Social.


All three heat races will now take place on Saturday.


Check out the new schedule!



See all the 2011 Pan Am Championship event details

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