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Welcome to! Your source for Rotax 2-Stroke self-start engines. The Rotax concept offers the karting enthusiast with a reliable world-wide engine platform program that offers level playing field competition and great performance. With a factory-direct motor warranty and official trained service centers throughout the country, Rotax engines provide more value than any engine package currently available in karting.

Rotax Clutch Bulletin - August 2009

The centrifugal clutch for the 125 Junior MAX (Micro MAX and Mini MAX) and 125 MAX engine has been designed as a dry clutch. To be able to detect any misapplication of the centrifugal clutch by applying oil or grease into the clutch, BRP-Powertrain has released a new ("sealed") combination of a needle cage plus O-ring for the centrifugal clutch.

The O-ring minimizes the spreading of grease from the needle cage into the clutch drum and on the clutch
(typical example see attached picture). For the proper function of the "sealed" needle cage, the attached assembly instruction must be carried out.

The new needle cage and O-ring combination is just applicable for the sprocket sizes 12 – 16 teeth and not for the 11 teeth sprocket with plain bearing! In case a 11 teeth sprocket with plain bearing is used, the plain bearing may not be lubricated. These components have been released for the new and old design ROTAX centrifugal clutches.

ROTAX MAX Challenge
All above described configurations are legal to be used in the ROTAX MAX Challenge according to the national regulations.


DOWNLOAD: PDF download of Customer Bulletin




For additional questions or service needs, contact at 269.756.9133.

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