PRODUCT NEWS: MAX DD2 Gearbox Update Kit Now Available
2011 PRODUCT UPDATE: We are proud to announce the availibility of a new Gearbox Update Kit for the 125 MAX DD2 engine. the new kit is designed to reduce the risk of miss-shifting and improve durability. 
The upgrade kit advantages include:
  • Hollow shaft and overload clutch with hexagon connection for improved durability of overload clutch.
    Hollow shaft with optimized diameters in the oil seal areas.
    Shifting sleeve with 6 (instead of 3) shift dogs in combination with new idle gears.
    The combination of these components will reduce risk of “miss-shifting” and improve durability.
    Gear ratios (1st and 2nd) stay unchanged.
To download complete ROTAX CUSTOMER BULLETIN - click on link HERE
BELOW: Illustration of  Part #: 281855 - Upgrade Kit Gearbox
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