Mojo Tires

Micro MAX and Mini MAX classes, as well as Junior MAX at Challenge of the Americas and Can-Am Karting Challenge, in all official Rotax Max Challenge events will utilize the MOJO Racing Tire for their events. Pick up a set of MOJO tires for your Rotax kart at any official Rotax Dealer or Service Center.

Mojo D2

MSRP: Front: $54.00 Rear: $62.00
Mojo D2 Spec Sheet

Mojo D3

MSRP: Front: $59.50 Rear: $81.50
Mojo D3 Spec Sheet

Mojo W2

MSRP: Front: $57.00 Rear: $73.00
Mojo W2 Spec Sheet

Max One by VEGA Tires

New for 2017, GoRotax will introduce the Max One by VEGA Tires for Senior MAX, Masters MAX, DD2 MAX, DD2 MAX Masters for all official Rotax MAX Challenge events, with Junior MAX utilizing the new compound for the Florida Winter Tour, US Open, USRMC Grand Nationals and local Rotax MAX Challenges.

Max One Purple

MSRP: Front: $54.00 Rear: $62.00

Max One Blue

MSRP: Front: $54.00 Rear: $62.00

Max One Green

MSRP: Front: $50.00 Rear: $57.00

Max One Rain

MSRP: Front: $57.00 Rear: $68.00