Micro & Mini Chassis Announcement

As the 2013 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals draw nearer, excitement continues to mount for what is poised to become an epic karting spectacle.

This year’s event carries historical significance, as it marks the debut inclusion of Rotax Micro MAX and Rotax Mini MAX competitors, adding their own races to the festivities in the Micro & Mini Invitational category. Much like their senior counterparts in the Grand Finals, the 68 Micro and Mini MAX participants will race on spec chassis, ensuring a fair and level playing field. Following a thorough evaluation of submissions from various chassis manufacturers, we are delighted to reveal that the official chassis suppliers for this inaugural Micro & Mini MAX Invitational are OK1 for Micro MAX and Haase for Mini MAX.

Being selected as an official supplier to this event holds immense prestige for any kart chassis manufacturer. It signifies not only their capacity to produce top-quality products but also their ability to offer exemplary support at an event of such grandeur. Haase, which first joined as a chassis supplier for the 2010 Grand Finals in Italy, viewed this as a significant milestone in establishing themselves as a leading manufacturer in the field.

Expressing their continued involvement in the 2013 event in New Orleans, Jörn Haase shared his thoughts on Haase’s commitment to the Micro & Mini Invitational, emphasizing their dedication to the sport’s future and its budding talents.

For OK1, supplying a full field of 34 Micro MAX competitors was a logical progression, given their sister brand Praga’s contribution to the DD2 field. Daniel Silva of IPKarting, the parent company, expressed pride in OK1’s selection as the official Rotax Micro MAX chassis supplier, highlighting the simultaneous provision of 77 Praga DD2 chassis for the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.

In an intriguing twist, IPKarting chose the Grand Finals and Micro & Mini Invitational as platforms to showcase their latest creations before they hit the wider karting market. IPK plans to introduce their newest chassis models for the 2014 season, offering drivers an opportunity to experience cutting-edge technology in advance. Daniel Silva anticipates a growing partnership between Rotax and IPK, ultimately benefiting drivers.

With OK1 and Haase confirmed as chassis suppliers for the inaugural Micro & Mini Invitational in New Orleans, this event is shaping up to be a must-attend for karting enthusiasts. Across North America, Rotax Micro and Mini MAX drivers are fervently striving to earn their place in this historic event.

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